Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Closing Banquet June 3, 2019

 We chose the All Season's restaurant for our annual general meeting and banquet again this year.  The Chinese/Canadian buffet is always a winner plus the volume of food is awesome. The room we use is great for a meeting as well .

Caroline started the show and tell this time with her L'il Twister tote . Good job there Caroline.

 Kaye brought her crayon challenge . She decided to add some colours and combine them into a wall hanging depicting the four seasons.  Well done, Kaye!
Ann brought in a Block of the month from a few years ago.  or maybe it was a challenge from Ethel since the green for the trees was fabric from her. Either way, it's a hungry bear looking to steal honey from those bees.
 Vera got her block of the month all quilted and bound.  It is amazing to me how wonderful each and every one of these BOM's have turned out. Thanks to Joan Smith for her talent and her generosity to share these patterns with us.
 Jean got some squares with photographs of her grand daughter's dancing accomplishments and put together a fabulous memory quilt. The fabric choices were her grand daughter's...significant that the star is also the Friendship star.  Wonderful memories for her grand  daughter.
 Judith made this applique roll...now we expect to see some applique..right , Judith?
Carolyn made this beauty while in Florida as the rest of us froze here in Sussex.. Going to be stunning when quilted.
Muriel found a cute panel in her stash, backed it , quilted it, bound it and brought it in to Joyce to go in our cuddle quilt project.  Kudos to Muriel!
I'm glad I stepped back to take a picture of this wall hanging made by Leigh. It really shows the dimensional aspect much better at a distance.  Colour placement at its finest.!
 Joan was absolutely delighted with this Professional Tote...a gift from one of the instructors at her place of work.  she is a lucky woman....and no doubt,deserving of it.
Elsie tried her hand at designing and was very successful ....this beauty is her own design and well executed.  A very pretty quilt, there Elsie!
 Judy was feeling nostalgic...after 30 years in the guild  who could blame her....lots of wonderful memories including this pin cushion done in candle wicking........
 an ornament made in miniature of a quilt block......
 this stained glass technique......
and this back basting technique done by machine from a class by Judy LeCleu (a master machine artist).  It was fun to walk down memory lane with her and congratulations to Judy for 30 years of constancy with the guild.
 Ethel won the title of "Bag Lady" with another tote she made to go to Portage.  Such a thoughtful and kind lady she is.
 Pat won the block from the very first President's challenge and put them all together. She had Agathe quilt it with variegated thread to show the quilting on the back as well as the front. Really nice fall quilt.
Marilyn did this today..it is a great project bag....using quilted material with mesh in the front zippered pocket so you can see through and know what project you put in it.....I think I might need a few of those.

We're off for the next two months  to take advantage of the warm weather...if it ever comes....for those of you on the bus trip...enjoy!

See you in September...the good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

 Jacqui started our show and tell on this program day with a quilt she finished for a relative that passed away. She did a lovely job.
 and this a second one that she finished. She machine quilted them both and did a super job of it.
Ann brought her President's challenge blocks along with a couple of others for ladies that will be unable to attend the closing banquet.
 Marlene had some fun with felting and showed us her chick-a-dees.  They are adorable.
 Judith finished her block of the month squares and put it all together in a quilt. NIcely framed and looking wonderful.
 This star bargello is gorgeous....in the round....
and another beauty squared up.  Either way, they are stunning.
 Patty wants her opportunity to win the president's challenge squares and brought hers in to make sure.
 Marg put together this lovely quilt for a little girl. It is single bed size and no doubt will be loved by the recipient.
 Ethel finished binding one of our comfort quilts. They are so pretty when all done.
Gillian just couldn't stop once she got going and made all these preemie hats...some even had little mittens to match.

Marilyn finished her Lil' Twister bag and brought it in for show and tell.  It is fabulous.
 Mary has a relative that surprised her with a quilt painting on the side of her house. It is amazing...we all want one now!!
Muriel's grandson is eagerly awaiting the day a tooth falls out so he can put it in the pocket of this tooth pillow that Grammy made for him.  Not hard to tell it was a labour of love...

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

 I've been gainfully employed for the previous three months so I didn't get the show and tell for you but now I am a kept woman again so I will gladly show you what the SVQG has been up to.

The Ladies of the Evening have been having fun with L'il Twister...here's is Linda's version..gorgeous lime green with her signature black. It will be stunning when finished.
 Beth had some fun with autumnal colours and did this wall hanging.
 Chris has hers almost finished....just needs some binding and it is done.
 The day ladies show and tell started with  Kaye's disappearing nine patch...the one we all went gaga over when Ann first showed us even when we didn't like the original quilt's colours we could sure pretty them up with our own versions. Here's another example of how pretty they can be.
Helen got her President's crayon challenge done...should call this one "every which way but loose"....
Muriel brought in the finished product from a passed dear  friend's stash . It will be going to the daughter of that friend. What a wonderful thing for her to do.
 Marlene is hiding behind this gorgeous in grey table cloth size quilt.  The backing is equally gorgeous in grey.  She has an amazing sense of colour.
 Ann got signed up for a class and ended up taking it by herself. She felted these sweet little chick -a-dees and plans on teaching her grand daughter how to do them later..her grand daughter was a little busy having Ann's great grand child....a good excuse, wouldn't you say.
Susan liked the paper piecing class but hated tearing off the paper so she found a solution....frame it!  Works for me.
 Then she showed us her L'il Twister project.
 This is her block of the month done with the attic windows framing.  Great job!
 Diane showed us this very masculine quilt that she made with critters enhanced...beautiful quilting on this as well.
This is her Block of the Month and it , too, is quilted with a gorgeous snowflake pattern. They all turned out so amazing.

below is a really nice panel of a dock..Joan put it together for a friend that lost their cottage to the flooding. What a fine gesture this is!
 Joan brought in this unique wall hanging . Just look at that lazy cat. Its eyes have been sewn with glow in the dark thread.
 Judy got this fro Sheila MCQueen's daughter and finished it. It is textured and funky Dresden and a great momento of a lovely lady.
She also showed us a turtle pin cushion she made a few years ago in some kind of swap she had with Sheila.
 Patty was busy in South Carolina and got into nine patches and made this stunner...Cross your eyes and you can see the secondary pattern that rises.

Mary made this colourful mat and with the left over fabric she made a mug rug and a hot pad.
 Renate won the Hash Tag squares and made them into a child's quilt.  Appropriate since there is an impending birth in her family.
She also got into the Nine patch mode and made this stunner.

Marilyn taught Delectable Mountains to the evening ladies then decided she needed to make this beauty. It is going to a friend that is retiring from teaching soon.  Lucky recipient!
Here's Mary's little wall hanging she made to welcome spring (although today with the possibility of snow she might be a tad early) with these lovely irises.

That's our show and tell for May 14, 2019...sure do get inspired with all the wonderful projects.