Saturday, September 24, 2016

We have Winners!

 Autumn Splendour is not a judged show, the ribbons that are awarded are for people's choice, first , second and third.  Anyone visiting the quilt show is given a ballot and they choose which quilts they like the best. Here are their choices.

This is Block of the month by Evelyn Kyle.
Sewing Machines by Gail Fearon
and Tiddlywinks by Judith Hughes.  These are in the small quilt/Wall Hanging category.
In the bed size category this is Joan Smith's Star Medallion. , Second Place
Gail Fearon's Whoo Knows , third place
and Judy Steeves Hidden Circles.a well deserved first place. Congratulations to the winners

Autumn Splendour 2016

It is always interesting to watch a quilt show come seems like mass confusion at first  but then it just seems to gel and everything  works.  Marilyn got herself a keeper in Kevin , he stayed right to the last quilt being hung and his help was so very much appreciated. He worked with the other hubbies to get the racks all organized then he used those lifters, climbed those step stools and helped hang the quilts where we asked...what a guy....and he did it with a smile. His reward!!! he went on a weekend golfing with his pals.
 It's always great to be around organized people and Agate got everything arranged numerically and it all got set up with cookie, that woman!
The ladies were wonderful, bringing their quilts in's always a bit of a bottleneck and annoying to wait in line but they did and things went very smoothly.
Here's our raffle prizes....Joanne's Legacy quilt...a whole cloth quilt that she had marked so beautifully and the ladies quilted in her honour. Having such a pretty quilt on the table certainly made it all look great.
Hard to believe how much the ladies make to sell ...should have taken a picture at the end of the show to let you see how much actually left in the delighted arms of the purchasers.

Our Guild quilt on the right....Friends around the Square and beside on the left the star of our antique quilt display.  The quilt in the foreground is one of our "Chemo Quilts" being quilted.
 What you saw when you walked in the door...a little oomph and a lot of "wow" continued all the way through.

 This is our guild corner...just a small sample of the projects we did in the past two years.

 A couple of lights burned out....we had the option of having an electrician coming in to repair during the show and we opted against that , it would have been much too disruptive.

 Our banner in the front entrance.
a podium with our guest book...wonder how far away the people came from...I know there was a couple from Saskatchewan.
Cynthia did an amazing job of decorating the very inviting and festive. It was a great show...again....

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The start of a new Year

Here we are , starting another year of show and tell..Agate showed us something we will be working on this coming year...a new technique using a intrigues I have to find a panel to do is call disrupted panel...makes sense doesn't it?
 Carolyn got the bug from Vera...and I understand , Leigh as well...this is an "Architectural Gem"  and what a gem it is ...mostly batiks and black sashing...gorgeous!
This is Kay's quilt ...I call it a shoebox quilt based on the various sized blocks you find in a shoebox in a quilter's sewing room . In this case it is from Bea Elliot's collection of squares and Kay  put it together beautifully and called it "Bea's Sampler"....I believe it will be finished for a wedding gift...lucky couple!!
 Judy got some fabric from Hawaii...her daughter went there and brought some back for her Momma...wonder how she knew Judy would love to have fabrics from Hawaii???
 This Judy got into miniatures and wowed us with this "Little Twister"....
this nine patch wee one.....
and an even teenier one.  They are stunning!
 Cnythia got her groove on and made her 9 patch variation into a seasonal quilt by fussy cutting the centres of her nine patches.  Looks great.
Renate is like the energizer bunny , she just keeps making quilts...this one is a "Roman Stripe"...keep on going there, girl!
Cheryl is trying to hide but we know it is her. She is showing the folio that Marilyn made for the treasurer's books..nice job.

Well, we're geared up for a brand new year...this one is a quilt show year so if you are reading this in time, the show starts Thursday, September 22,2016 at 1:00p.m.  Be sure to come see it all...

Monday, September 12, 2016

We're Back!

 We're back to start another year of quilting and fun.  Here's what Marilyn has been making...little zippered bags....had some down time to do a little hand sewing.
 This beauty is what the ladies of the evening are starting the year off with.  A fat quarter project that turns into an almost bargello..unique technique that gives you a gorgeous quilt...
A variation of the disappearing nine patch belongs to Madeline...believe it or not, this is her first quilt...I'm sure not going to show her my first quilt...nope , not gonna happen. Isn't this one gorgeous!
 There is just no holding Renate back...look at this beauty...not sure what she called it but it is dynamite! I think she machine quilted it too.
We have plans to do the technique whereby you make 8 half square triangles  at once..  This is the table runner she made with hers.
 Ruth was busy this summer and made this maple leaf table runner. She is actually giving it away...lucky recipient!
These are Carolyn's colours for her project.....
and here , we're all helping Wendy decide in which order she wants to place her always amazes me how different everybody's quilt turns out. We're going to have an interesting year......

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Closing Banquet 2016

 Here we  are, another year over and we're celebrating a successful year of quilting. We dined with a Chinese buffet at JJ'S restaurant in the Fairway Motel.  Great food, great atmosphere and wonderful company.
 Of course, show and tell was the highlight of the night and here is Marilyn's summer quilt in blues and yellows...she made pillow cases to match.
Jeannie made this wonderful yo-yo quilt.  She made all the yo-yo's and then appliqued them in place on a black background...sure did end up looking scrappys.

 Joanne showed us what could be done with appropriate...attic windows and balloons rising in the sky....sooooo Sussex!
 I particularly like this one...again an innovative (that should be Joanne's nickname) use a panel.
 Joyce contributed to our local  Chemo project with this adult size quilt...brings our number of finished quilts currently available to 15...five have been passed out and 4 are waiting to be quilted...a rousing success I would say..

Leigh made this wonderful batik colourful and big.
 Jackie is really into these candle wreath mats..they work up quickly and are wonderful gifts.
 Margaret got her vest finished and was so proud to contribute to show and tell. Considering she is still having some difficulties after her car accident it was great to see that smile.
 Here's the reverse.
 Jean saw this on Pinterest(aha, another enthusiast) and just had to make it.  I believe it is called "Hanging out"...cute, eh?
 Kay did her "three dudes" pattern and made this bright and cheerful table topper.
And here's madam Muriel with a dishcloth on her head...she didn't want to get wet in the rain....looks almost like a doily there.

Have a great summer ladies!