Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas Banquet, 2018

 We had a lovely time at our Christmas Banquet held at All Season's Restaurant....a great buffet of Canadian and Chinese food. The atmosphere is always nice there and the service is excellent.
We moved over to this half of the dining hall for our show and tell and for our program for the evening.
 Marilyn started the show and tell with this scarf/shawl she knit for her daughter...she's hoping to get her own back...mother's of daughters...we know where you are coming from.
Ann brought in these wonderful Christmas decorations from a while back....
Marlene quilted this panel and did a lovely usual for her.
 Vera got into making these fabric snowflakes from program day last week..
Judy brought in mittens she had made a few years back. These had fleece inside and quilting on the outside.
She also brought in some tatting to show...needless to say she has been asked to teach the technique to a few eager learners.

This beauty was made by Jean the colours.
 Jacqui is back quilting and made this gorgeous black and white....Agathe quilted it for her ....
 along with this pineapple quilt.
She also made some snowflakes, some bells and some origami ornaments. Hard to keep a good woman down....

 Muriel was having some fun with wool and knit matching touques for her son's family in Ottawa. They will look wonderful all together...
 Leigh got hooked on those big fabric snowflakes as are a couple all done.
A little blurry but This is a doll quilt that Ethel's grand daughter requested...not shown is another of those bags she was making.
 Susan has been busy....interestingly enough, she wasn't sure how to quilt this one so she turned it over and quilted circles worked...makes for an interesting design on the front.

 She won fat quarters at the Villa Madonna this spring and this is what she made to show. Colours sure worked well!
 This snowman runner is a Fat Cat Pattern....Susan is also a fan of Sindy Rodenmeyer.
The request came in and Gillian responded.  Here are four toe covers for patients in casts. Such a caring person is our Gillian.
 Renate made this mantel or window cover...gave it as a gift then asked for it back to bring to show and tell. Don't worry , it is going back where it belongs.
 She also made some of the ornaments from program day and proudly showed them off.
Judith brought her origami ornament......

 and her tree napkins to show and tell.
 Gail brought her finished mittens made from a sweater.....recycle and reuse at its best.
Jeannie got her snowman wall hanging done ...her skinny snowman, that is.....
along with a table runner of snowmen...or should we say snowpersons.

We had a wonderful evening with an ornament swap....I managed to keep the chocolate filled pudding bag...lucky me!  Then we had a fat quarter game that was fun.  Muriel led us in a raucous and lively rendition of the twelve days of Christmas with a new was fun.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year! See you then......

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November 27, 2018, Program Day

 I forgot my camera bad.....but then I remembered that my cell phone was in my purse so these are photos taken with that device...a little haphazard in order but I will explain as best I can.

This first pic is of Joyce showing Mary how to make the paper clip angel...did I mention that today for program we had four Christmas ornament instructors....Joyce was one and her angels are so cute.
Mary brought in this gorgeous tree skirt with appliqued poinsettias...stunning.
 Judith proved she is more than a pretty face with these so heartwarming angels she made from an old quilt made by her Mom....she made enough for her sisters. What a great idea to preserve an heirloom and keep the memory.
 Leigh got busy and made the three block of the month patterns . They look amazing. On the bear one she has apples in the tree and apples on the ground...good idea since the bear needs a reason to be in the quilt.
 Look at this beauty Diane brought in to show us.  Love the colours and you all know how I feel about applique.
 Clever Cynthia took strawberry baskets and covered them and made pretty Christmas baskets. Recycle and reuse in the absolute best way possible.
 Here's Ann showing the ladies how to make an origami fabric ornament. Another clever idea.
 Leigh and Susan are finishing up their fabric snowflakes. Susan is making teeny weeny ornaments.  The fourth ornament was a small bell made from two fabrics sewn together in a circle. It was a great program day despite the snowy, rainy day.

 Here's Vera's version of the  Christmas snowflake taught by Agathe. Turned out great!
Judith showed the quilt she and her sisters made for their brother in a nursing home.  Very masculine and has his initials so everyone knows it is his.  Thoughtful thing to do, Judith..

Monday, November 26, 2018

November 27, 2018

A small turnout tonight, the ladies must either
have their mittens finished or they are too
busy working on Christmas .
Chris has this table runner almost finished...she's working away on the absolute favourite part of means finishing up.

Beth did some hand work with this let it snow mat on flannel or wool...well done either way.
Chris not only got her mittens finished, she managed to match the stripes...great job there lady....I tried them on and they are so snuggly warm....

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November 20, 2018

 Before show and tell, Ann told us about this comfort quilt that is going to the Sussex Corner councillor that lost her home to fire this past month.  It was made and donated by a former member of our guild and she wanted it to go as a comfort quilt...such wonderful quilters live here.
 Kaye started show and tell with her first Block of the has the little quilt hanging over the fence.  It was Kaye's first foray into fusible web...I think she likes it.
She has two more grand babies ....boys and since they have dogs she made this one and another just like it with a centre of doggy gramma!
 Marilyn, too , has little boys to sew for but this is just a prototype she has on hand...she will be doing these playmats in blue.
Gillian has been knitting up a storm with scarves and hats to match.  A little birdie told me she has a lot more yarn to work with.
 Susan is done for the winter and can now do the things she has put aside to do...starting with her Block of the month number one....
 ...number two......
 the sewing machine challenge from a couple of years ago......
a panel someone gave her.....
 A wall hanging that would look much better in my front hall ...if she is so inclined.....
....her first foray into fusible web...good job.....
 She and I both love Sindy Rodenmeyer from Fat Cat Patterns and here are ours side by side.  Hers is red and mine is blue...they were amazing to on to quilting them.
 Judith did her Block of the month from a couple of years ago and put them together in a table runner.
 She's also into miniature quilts and here is another she made and hand quilted...
Mary is Christmas ornamenting and here are a couple of results.....
 along with mug rugs she made....I reminded her of where I lived since she delivers the mug mats with a mug filled with Christmas sweets ....New Line, Mary...New Line!
Ethel is officially the Bag Lady of the guild...she's made somewhere in the twenties plus she is making pillowcases for boys...busy woman!
This beautiful Double Irish Chain just came back from Agathe's...quilted with a pattern called mistletoe and it is gorgeous.
Vera took this really neat fabric that looks like small inch squares and quilted fooled us all into thinking she had pieced all those little squares...instant insanity if she had.
 This beauty is also Vera' she bought from Ethel and quilted to make a wonderful table cloth.
Here are Vera's BOM's side by side...just an inkling of how neat they are going to look when all finished and put together.
 Jackie is back to playing on her machine and finished this quilt for the Cuddle quilts. It is one of many that came in from a lady in PEI..
This is a doggy dish pad....
....and a kitty dish pad...interesting since Jackie does not have a dog or a cat. Guess she just can't help herself...when someone asks nicely , she responds with a big heart...that's our Jackie!