Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Program Day , 22 May 2018

We had a wonderful program today. Marion Langhus from Langhouse B&B, Gagetown came for  a visit and brought a few of her antique quilts...the ones she restored  and chatted with us about restoring old , damaged quilts. She gave us some wonderful ideas of displaying these quilts and ways of restoring them.
 This beauty was incredible. It was dated, from the 1890's and initialled by the maker. The embroidery was amazing. Marion repaired  by replacing fabrics that came close to matching, however, she did not replace some embroidery that had disappeared feeling it was tribute to the expertise of the creator not to  recreate it. We certainly enjoyed her trunk show and she was generous with her responses to questions, I am sure she has been asked before.

 Jacqui started show and tell with this amazing quilt ...it is for her sister in law. What a gorgeous quilt it will be when Agathe has her turn at it.
 We all brag about this lady...101years young and still quilting. Vivian Patriquen made this sweet quilt ...no doubt for a baby coming in her extended family.  An heirloom for sure.

Sandra found a new ruler...called Spot on and had some fun making this table runner.
 Sharon finished her beauty...the one she agonized over at the Villa Madonna.  It is magnificent....she can no longer call herself an a beginner!  This is definitely in the territory of intermediate.
 This beauty came out of the frame today. It is the guild quilt and will be on display at our quilt show in September ....and for sale, of course.
 Leigh made this charmer. She didn't say who it is for...no doubt it will be for someone who will enjoy those jewel tones on black and white.

Jean showed us the prayer shawl she made. She belongs to a group of knitters that meet regularly to make shawls...a worthy cause. 
 at the other end of the spectrum she also brought in this play mat...we're thinking it may be for a baby boy...either way, it is sweet.
Evelyn did some terrific quilting on this whole cloth quilt...she estimated she has been working on it for three to four years.  It will be wonderful to see at our quilt show....right, Evelyn?
 And this is her finished landscape.  When asked where she got her frame...with her usual aplomb she replied, "off my wall." Certainly served the purpose...or should I say re-purpose.
Joan got this Lover's Knot back from Agathe today....Always a gorgeous pattern but with Joan's impeccable taste in colours  it was fabulous.
I like this beauty too. It is a simple nine patch, on point but the pastel fabrics make it an even sweeter quilt.  Again, Joan can put those perfect colours together so well.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A special Program Day

These ladies all participated in an amazing project taught by Leigh Smith at our guild Program Day.  The work came from a book called Radiant Landscapes by Gloria Loughman. 

Here is Elsie's version with her fussy cut tiny birds on the trees, a log cabin and of course, it needed a deer. Well done , Elsie!
Helen calls her version  "Sunset in Sussex" a very appropriate title since we see those balloons flying either early in the morning or in the evening.
 Gail Rodgers is hiding behind hers...not totally finished yet. She chose a window frame instead of making trees.
This is Ann's version with her trees coming outside onto the border . It gives it an added dimension.
 Renate added a lighthouse and sail boat and then had it framed.
Kay put a tree on hers. It is so amazing.
Judith did silhouette trees for hers.

 All the same technique and yet so very diverse.  The ladies loved this project and it certainly helped to have a teacher who had one all finished to show and one in the process to help everyone get their bearings.  We have some very talented teachers in our guild and it is wonderful to see such a successful day....well done, ladies!!

May 7 and 8, 2018

Marilyn requested a little help for her Carpenter's Star.  She thought she might like this purple as an accent colour since there is a tiny shade of purple in the print fabric. Unfortunately , it did not work so her instincts were spot on.  It was agreed by those voicing opinions that a darker shade of blue would enhance the lighter blue AND the print.  Nice to be needed.
 Caroline made this cross body backpack and determined the strap needed extending...she's going to work on that.
Jeannie made this  bold and beautiful single sized quilt at the Villa Madonna...now on to the quilting Jeannie.
 Linda made this really functional bag with a magnet closure and a form at the bottom for stability. 

This quilt is a chemo Quilt that Linda made for our chemo patient program. It is backed with Minke and cuddly warm....thanks Linda.
 Muriel has been extra busy...what with organizing the overnight bus trip and knitting in between she made this stack of dishcloths to go into the door prizes at our quilt show in September.
Her special birthday was this year and from some of her fat quarters she made this quilt...it could be called Chinese Lanterns....Southwest or magnificent mountains....I'm going with Magnificent, period!
This beauty is a disappearing four patch...so pretty...with mostly pastel and soft colours...see, I told you she was busy!

Marj made this adorable baby quilt. It has fuzzy bunnies and sleepy time stars. Really nice, Marj.
 Gillian knitted up a storm of preemie caps, 17 in that bag. Then she showed the mittens as well. She is a marvelous knitter and has delighted us with her prowess many times.

 Her Marlene shows us her snowball quilt...she called it a "dirty " snowball since they weren't actually white....we don't mind since all the snow is gone anyway.

Renate has her fourth Block of the Month all done....she added butterflies to hers.
 Jean did her Row by Row from the Crafter's Vineyard...it was designed by her sister, Jo-Anne.
To complement it, she made this Row by Row from Alberta , where her daughter lives.
Then she showed us this simple design , yet amazing scrappy four patch.  So effective and one that just calls my name.  Maybe my next project.

Jacqui has loved the Sunflower (Dutch) girl since a little girl and finally got around to making one. NIce to fulfill dreams, however long we have had them.
She made this gorgeous pineapple with her new ruler. ONce you get a new toy it is hard to stop playing with it, right, Jacqui?
Then she showed us this basket....said there was 175 yards of rope inside the folded fabric.  Someone has a lot of patience and it is NOT me.  Mind you, it kind of tickles the "want to" in me.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Villa Madonna 2018

It was quilt retreat time at the Villa Madonna and we had a wonderful time.  Carolyn wowed us with this gorgeous, summery nine patch.  She bought the fabric in Florida and enjoyed piecing it. It was finish up time at the villa.
 Judy brought out a PHD that she started a few ....ahem....years ago and decided she really should finish .  It was a block of the month from some time ago...not mentioning the years...you can ask her.
This sweet quilt is being finished by Jean Thompson and includes fat quarters from her special birthday.
 On the floor is a jelly roll mat that Marilyn made.  It is the third one she has made since she got the instructions although this one is not made with a jelly roll , she used left over fabric from a quilt she made. Works for me...
This is one of my projects. It is the 150 Canadian women  project that was started last year by Kat Tucker from Calgary. She posted three patterns per week along with the write-ups about each woman. Some very interesting reading there and it was a real eye opener to learn all the amazing things that these some historic and some current women did. The big heart at the bottom right corner was for Mom...appropriate since she was such an influence on my life.
Susan...the wonder kid of baby quilts showed us her latest project. Isn't it a real cutie!
This is the second project I got finished at the Villa the row by row experience for 2017. Went light sashing this time. A big change for me since I am a jewel tone fan.
 This beauty belongs to Sharon. She and Leigh worked like demons to get it completely organized. The camera does not do it justice, plus the actual finished arrangement took care of some of the proximity of like fabrics.
Look at this table runner that Pat the Irish quilter put together...she did a wonderful job.
 Janice is hiding behind the roaring waves she put together...the second set of fingers belong to Marilyn. It is an easy bargello type quilt and the shades are perfect.
Not a disappearing nine patch like we thought...it is a  block pattern that Susan found on a quilt calendar and decided it would be perfect in a quilt and , of course, she was right.  The lime green was the perfect accompaniment. 
 Ethel is posing for this photo...looking a little slimmer beside this wonderful snowball quilt she finally got finished...then she went to work on an Irish Chain that she had started a while back.
We were delighted to have Patti with us this year and she was working on a memory quilt ...actually two of them ....for her sons.  They both included fabric from her husband's shirts.  What great heirlooms for them.
 Lois ...our knitter....was busy making these sweet little caps...so simple and so darn cute. You just know little girls will love these.
Girls...you look so serious...and you shouldn't because it is now the way it is supposed to be.  Marilyn got tired and sewed one row the wrong way.  After a couple of attempts at unsewing she got it arranged properly. It is a Carpenter's Star. The fabric is gorgeous.
 Here's Ethel working on that Irish Chain I mentioned earlier.
These...when totally finished will be Christmas greetings on Mug rugs, Candle mats, or large coasters...what ever you like...they were made by Carolyn.....
see...here's the proof.
Susan is mightily pleased ...she learned how easy it is to put in a zipper in the Emmaline Bag showing here.
Judy had fun....working on a square she worked on last year...we are waiting to see this quilt when it is all put together...each square is amazing and the quilt will be extraordinary when all done...you just wait and see!!