Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beginning another year!

What a great year this is going to be. It is our 30th anniversary. Plus we have a centigenerian
(sp?)  in our group that we are all in awe of. She amazes us all...more about that in March!

Here's Marlene hiding behind this sweet comfort quilt she made. It will go to a family most deserving.
 Kay brought this beauty...May flower is it called...... that her daughter put together for her.  Kay is going to quilt it and hold it in reserve for a grandchild getting married. What a wonderful gift!
Judy got out her tatting shuttle and made these sweet Christmas decorations.  She also got into the glue for stiffening....I think she has shares in Elmer's Glue...
 Agate finally got some time for her own things and put together this beautiful trip around the world and added some applique. Her lucky daughter will be the recipient.
Here's another applique practise and usage of her stash. She thinks she is going to clean up her stash....should we tell her it multiplies when she least expects it?
 She also did these panels...there is a blue one to match this...makes great baby quilts.

along with this one.....
and this one.......busy lady!
 Sandra make this really pretty folded wreath in spring colours.
Margaret made a couple of anti-ouch pouches...sad to say they are always needed.
Judith brought in her reversible table topper (see previous post) and her block of the month  row by row patterns. She's organized.
 Here's her mug rug made with pretty cat material...she's also holding a bag of preemie caps for Carolyn.
This beauty , I believe Susan said was called Edinburgh square . I goes from light to dark and this picture cannot do it justice. It is gorgeous!

Monday, January 9, 2017

A new year, a new beginning!

 HOw's this for a start to the new year.. Beth made this gorgeous...very masculine quilt for her grand son....picture doesn't do it justice.
 Show and tell is show and tell..  this beautiful ring is Linda's and we all oohed and aahed and envied.  Lucky woman!
Marion made her scissor holder over the holidays and....
brought in this beautiful table cloth that Wendy made for her...that gorgeous fabric that we wouldn't let her cut but Marilyn bought and ended up cutting. I do love the border on this as well.  She did an amazing job!
 Judith made this reversible table topper using only two fabrics...here you can see how great it looks on both sides.
 Marilyn has been knitting up a storm and made herself a pair of slippers...not for the hands...they are for the feet...lol!
This beauty is made from 5 inch squares...left over Christmas fabric and a new technique...easy peasy....half square triangles in a big way.  would work great on a swap of nine patches too.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Banquet 2016

We did it up right at the All Seasons for our Christmas Banquet...lots of good food, a wonderful atmosphere and good companions ...who could ask for more?

Here's Cheryl starting off our Show and tell with her Christmas table runner made from half hexies...works great and looks great!
 Madeline is hiding behind her version of the half hexie table runner...amazing how wonderful they all can look.
Pat showed us her folded wreath candle mat..soo pretty!
 Susan showed off her row by row  block of the month...with requests for the pattern location...so Christmasy
JoAnne, who has the ideal job of all jobs in a fabric/wine shop...showed her version of the half hexie and what could be done with it.
Jacqui finished her challenge for the Chemo quilt project and we decided to divert it to the fire quilt comfort project...where there is a need right now.
Then she showed us her hubby's request for a quilt of his own....we've all been there, right?
 This one will be an heirloom...pieced by one sister, quilted by another and about to be bound by another.....definitely a keeper!
Cindy got a little surprise from Jacqui....she is a Coca-Cola fan.  Not from the original debut of the Coca-Cola Santa , but certainly since she first saw it, at least and here is another piece she can add to her collection...made by Jacqui...the candle even has the Coke logo.  I think she liked it!  Just a note here, Cindy has been so supportive of our guild...with discounts, special orders and always a little thank you to the members...it's a good thing that we have her.
 Here's Vivian's folded wreath...hard to believe she is 99 years old...puts us all to shame with her enthusiasm for life.
Judith is making miniatures again...traditional  patterns too.
 This lovely quilt is being donated to the guild...it will find a home for sure...how thoughtful of Judith!
Ann brought in this gorgeous round the twist pattern ...I think there may be some fussy cutting involved.
 Elsie made this beautiful folded wreath.
Ethel has been busy making placemat sets of four for gifts.....
 along with table runners.....
and this great log cabin...she claimed the fabrics were of a mature age...they're always the best anyway!
 Leigh is welcoming an infant into her extended family and nothing would do but this wonderful, soft, pastel baby quilt...seems fitting, don't you agree?
Wendy brought her snowman with his plaid scarf..well done!
 Linda brought her snowman as well, this one has ear muffs as well.
Renate wanted to bring a quilt to show but the recipient refused to let her take it back, even for an evening...guess he likes it a lot...so she brought her folded wreath to show...looks great!
Vera made another one, since the one she made before is doing duty on her table. Pretty colours, Vera.
Along with this gorgeous table topper...I believe it is a Patrick Lose pattern.
 Jean brought her folded wreath....
two mermaid blankets...wonder who they are for?.....
 and this really neat quilt made from the strips she won at strip poker that we played at the Villa Madonna...and if you are wondering...she did keep her clothes on!
Last but not least, look at this wonderful row by row mystery quilt that Dawn got finished. She did a wonderful job and you can tell by the grin she is happy with her work...so are we.

Merry Christmas everyone and we shall see you in the New Year!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 21, 22, 2016

We started our evening sewing time with Linda's show and tell...here is her snowman quilt. It started out as a wall hanging but she got creative...something that comes easy for her...and enlarged it to a kiddie's quilt.
Then Marilyn showed us her latest work in progress. This chevron quilt is a commission that kind of grew from a double , to a queen and now possibly a king....you go, girl!
This sweet quilt is a quilt-as-you-go project, again by Marilyn....she will be adding borders...a colour for one side and another colour for the other, making it completely reversible. Always  innovative, is Marilyn.
 Program day and all the ladies were busy constructing folded wreaths being taught by Jacqui and Agathe.  Here's Judith talking to Elsie and Margaret is aligning her squares.
Vera got one done and is putting the finishing touches on her wreath....
 while Leigh is having a discussion with her sewing machine.  I think she won the argument.
 I caught Joyce mid chomp but she is working away on her wreath too.
 Show and tell started with Vera trying to hide behind a project using the block of the month from last year.  Rhode Island Red's??
Here's a sweet little snowman wall hanging she got ready for Christmas decorating.
 And this quilt is going to Ottawa ...I would hazard a wild guess that it is for a grand son...what say you?
This is another quilt heading off to Ottawa ...bright colours and warm flannel who could ask for more.
Muriel is doing a kind thing and making this sweet pillow in memory of a beloved pet for her son....thoughtful Momma!
Elsie is diligently working away on the block of the month row by row project and here is a sample of her Weathervane squares.
 Carolyn , besides being a wonderful quilter, is a master seamstress and here she is showing us a warm flannelette nightie she has made for her M.I.L. for Christmas.
Judith is also catching up on her row by row squares and showed her co-ordinating squares.
 Ethel has come back from a road trip to meet one of her pen pals and showed us these place mats she made,......
these mittens she knitted, .......
and this sweet little doll sleeping bag...I think she has been having some fun.
Susan got busy with this program day and made four of the folded wreaths....look out Christmas presents this year.
 Sheila challenged Jacqui and she rose to the occasion and made a little folded wreath just the right size to fit in Sheila's front door window. I think Sheila is very pleased and we are all thinking of ways we can challenge Jacqui...no doubt , she could show us all up.
Here are just a couple of the folded wreaths that Jacqui made....first for a craft sale and now they will be presents.  Waste not , want not.  good thinking for us all....