Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February 12, 2019

After all the inclement weather we've been having and the cancelled meetings it was nice to be able to get together again.  These beauties are Marilyn's...she brought them along to show the ladies the results of the class she taught this a.m.
 Here they are...sewing their little hearts out or watching to see how to go about it when home alone with no one to see their oopsies......
Susan is moving right along....
Show and tell after our business meeting was started by Jean with a couple of pot holders she made ...getting a start on the Christmas gift giving for next year.
 Susan brought in her sweater mittens...two pairs and looking warm and comfy.
 she has a good start on her blocks of the month and what a great job she is doing...see the wreath on the barn and the little farmer on the tractor....
and the reindeer pulling the sleigh...so imaginative!
Marlene is hiding behind her blues...she decided she wanted to clean up her stash of blue and made this wonderful quilt.
 Ann is a tatter and look at the sweet double sided (hat and tie) snowmen she made...one for each of her six grandchildren and, of course, one for herself.
 Diane is another imaginative quilter with her deer in the yard of the block of the month.
 And this sweet little quilt...has such a feminine air about it. She is going to bind it in green for that finished look.
 Vera has her block of the month done as well. They are looking so great...can't wait to see all the quilts when they are done.
 Elsie made this nine patch quilt and asked for some assistance determining the border choices. Needless to say, she got a lot of advice..just ask a quilter and I can guarantee you will get advice.
Cynthia was given some fabrics....mostly wool and made this adorable wall hanging with white woolly sheep...even her label has a woolly sheep.  She uses her creative talent this lady....
 Judy is inspired with her blocks of the month and decided to use different techniques on each one. Since she has a variety of skills at her disposal...it will be very interesting to see the finished product.

 Seems to me I see a recurring theme here...bears, bears and more bears...hmmmm!
 Mary was in a hexie mood....I do believe it has something to do with her crayon selection in the President's challenge..wonder what her colours were.
Espresso served at Mary's house..wanna go?
 A WIP has now become a FP.
 Susan has been as prolific as ever...with her wonky houses and those cute little gnomes that are actually buttons...I had to have a closer look, that's how I know that.
 Placemats for her grand daughters and...
 a Valentine's banner to celebrate the day.
 She's also got her blocks of the month just about ready....considering that bear is stealing some of her fabric she may have a hard time getting them done.
 This one has a barn quilt as well...I do like them done that way....I plan on doing mine with one as well.
Bea bought these fabrics a while ago and feels she wouldn't buy them today, however, they do make a gorgeous quilt for a young girl...bright and cheerful.
 One of the many quilts that were donated by a lovely lady from PEI. Agathe quilted it and bound it ....

 along with this one. They were both too big for the chemo project but certainly a good size for the comfort quilts.
She did find some time to make something for herself so she sat down and made this jelly roll rug that she claims will go to a daughter.
 Like minded Marilyn made this one for her daughter, to match a duvet cover so she will be color coordinated.
 Marilyn's crayon colours were orange, lime green and brown...and wouldn't you know it she had a meter of batik with those colours. Some people have all the luck.
These little storage pods are a freebie pattern from  Shabby Fabrics ...so she whipped up a few and knowing Marilyn will probably whip up a few more.
 She needed an apron for the Valentine's luncheon so she found a fabric she liked and proceeded to make one...reversible with Easter theme on the other side.
 Vera found a few more things in her basket and showed us  a Valentine wall hanging she made a couple of years ago...very romantic with the beadwork.
Here's her crayon challenge with her colours of purple, orange and yellow...a weird combination but this certainly works.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A new year begins and , although the night was very cold.
a few of the Evening Ladies came out to sew and get a head start on the winter's project.  The only show and tell....I know they have been working away but getting things finished takes time.....was from Wendy and this is a convertible purse and backpack with loads of pockets on the inside.  She did an amazing job...as usual....and brought it in to show and make us all want to make one.
 Out of sequence but that's ok...it got attached and sometimes with google that can be a bonus.  Here Marilyn is showing us the knitted cuffs she made ...for those jackets that don't have them and to be used as a buffer against the cold winds this time of year.

Judith got a head start on the President's crayon challenge and brought hers in all finished. I can't even find my crayons and she's all done.  I guess I better get in gear....no wait, I have until March to get it done.
She enjoyed the ornament day we had  on program day in November so much that she made some more.  A good tip that she gave us was to use tweezers to hold the pieces together until it dried.  Nice to have helpful hints like that.
 Gillian was busy making my favourite mittens and not just because they are Newfie mittens but because they are very warm...much needed when you are on the "Rock" in the winter.
Susan comes up with the cutest patterns ..if you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can see the really cute reindeer with embroidered antlers and scrawny legs.  So darn cute!!
She's hiding behind this lovely " wishing for spring"  quilt she made .
Helen's been hooking again...and it's the right kind of hooking since this is what she has to show for it.  A gorgeous mat there Helen!!
 JOan is hiding behind these cute little mug mats that she made from the panels that Cindy from Crafter's Vineyard gave us at Christmas time.  I got mine done and brought them into Cindy and received a discount on my purchase of some of her absolutely gorgeous backings.  Thank you, Cindy!!
 Agathe got some time for herself over the holidays and , of course , made things for others. Here she shows us the folios she made for grand kids....all different sizes and very colourful.
 This snuggly is made from all flannel and it too went to someone else.
Judy got her three Block of the Month squares done and will probably have the fourth one done by next meeting....I haven't got one done yet but I will!
 Elsie, too has her number three done and is ready to get at number four.
Jean loved the class the evening ladies had in making mittens from old sweaters and brought in the ones she made to show us.
 This is a rag quilt that she made for a little boy she wanted to have a quilt...kindness, thy name is Jean.
again....the kindness come through...this is a baby cuddle quilt that Jean made for our cuddle quilt program.
 Plus she has her three blocks of the month done and ready for number four.
Here we come to end of show and tell ...which is why the second picture is out of sequence. This is Marilyn's interrupter of her sewing time...she knit this cute toque or as the Americans call them 'beanies' that will go to the Church program.

We're all geared up for another year....a few challenges from our president...she likes to keep us busy...something about idle hands..........