Saturday, May 29, 2021

25 May 2020 Meeting

Show and tell for May 25 2021 was quite full and it was nice to see that quilting had gotten our ladies through the changed lifestyle we have all had to deal with.  Judith started us off with this Trip Around the world...always a stunner.

Then she showed us a table runner that she liked so well she duplicated it just for fun.
Margaret has been busy and put together this lap size for us to admire.
Helen made a baby quilt for a great grand child....not sure if it is her's or a friends....
Susan got busy and used one of the blocks of the month to make herself a table runner for spring.
Then she showed us her Dresden Plate quilt just to prove she could do this....I know that feeling...sometimes that's the biggest motivation of all.
This was another of the tops she had planned to make a the Villa this past year but since it had to be cancelled she decided to make it anyway...her English paper piecing project.
Muriel drafted this table runner to match the new colour scheme in her house.  .......
she like it so well she made another in a spring-like decor......
then when doing some rummaging and rearranging found this one that she had made a while ago....guess she really did like it.
Diane made this cozy lap quilt using a really neat panel of an antique car...betcha it is for her DH.
Ethel made this rail fence..always a pleaser!
Carolyn finished the pattern used by the Evening ladies as her Covid project...and she 'got'er done".  Sure is a pretty quilt.
Jean made this beautiful quilt for the cuddle quilt project.  I swear she has single handedly kept that program alive and well all on her own donations.  And such a pretty pattern.
She also got a start on Christmas with these lovely tote bags...she does amazing work.
Susan is hiding behind this quilt that started out as a mystery quilt...I am never good at doing them...I'm one of those people that read the last page of a book before I start it, so mystery quilts and I don't get along.

She also made this beautiful bag and then presented it to Diane...Not sure why, but it certainly went over well..Diane was well chuffed...

Cheers everyone, see you in the Fall......

President's Challenge May 2021

What a wonderful response to the President's Challenge for the year 2021.  It was a song title or a saying.

This is Renata's ...Take me out to the ball game...showing the Blue Jays, The Orioles and the Cardinals.....

Again, Renata...."I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"
This is CynthiaVail's " Show me the Way to go Home"
Judy Steeves...made some "Blue Suede Shoes"
I didn't hear what Gail's apologies.....
Jean Thompson's   "Jingle Bells"
Susan's "A picture says a Thousand Words"
Carolyn's ...Drunkard's Path...
Margaret's "Don't cry over Spilt Milk"
Judith's  "Starry NIght"
Susan's "Beat around the Bush"
Ethel's "This little light of Mine"
Renate's second version of Take me OUt to the Ball Game..."

 Helen held this one up for someone else and I didn't hear whom...."Barking up the wrong Tree." 

Needless to say, the response was great when you consider what an unusual year it has been for our guild...first we could, then we couldn't and now that the year is over we can again....there's always hope for next year...see you then.

24 May Evening

It's kind of nice to be able to meet again, even not able to be using our machines.  This is the hands on evening group and they have been busy.  This beautiful bargello belongs to Chris. She is braver than I am, I have never dared to attempt a bargello...well done , Chris.
Marilyn got some little things done and this is one of is a bowl cover made with pretty fabric and lined with a washable , breathable lining....she made a bunch ...busy girl.
THis is an interesting technique...starting with a centre piece and folding and sewing down fabric as you go until you get the size you want.  Marilyn has used Kansas Troubles fabric for this one.
This gorgeous runner is a panel from Hoffman's pretty!
And this rail fence has the softest and highest quality of flannels I have ever seen  Such a warm and cosy top waiting to be quilted.

This was our last meeting of the evening ladies....we will be back in September, hopefully fully vaccinated , healthy and rarin' to go......

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

November 10,2020

It's a shame that my camera battery died half way through our November 10th meeting . I did manage to get some pictures but there were a lot of beautiful quilts that I missed.  Camera is charged and ready to go.

Gail started us off with show and tell with this blue and white beauty.

Marilyn has started her Christmas gifts and these quilted socks fit the bill.
Leigh takes the most interesting classes. This is one she took in Fredericton....not sure what it was called but this is the sample piece she did before she moved on......
to this piece....beautiful colours there Leigh!
Helen showed a way to use up "ugly Christmas Sweaters" by turning them in decorative pillows.
Muriel made this pinwheel quilt in the colour of the day...."Orange" that her grandson decided is the best colour of all.
And this one is for the other grandson who may be a little older , I am guessing there.
Judith made a fidget quilt from last year's block of the month.  It turned out to be a very successful project for more than a few quilters.
This was put together by Judith for Agate who owned the fabrics. Turned out to be really pretty.
And this is a table runner made by Judith.....
....and a string piecing table runner also by Judith.
These pieces are part of the  President's challenge from last year.

 And finally before my camera quit this is a fractured panel that Gail put together.  Worked out very well.

Friday, October 16, 2020

October 13, 2020

Who would have thought a year ago that we would be in the world we are living in now....not me, for sure. But it is what it is and we all have to do our part and be as mindful as we can. So, we will wear our masks and we will distance as much as we can and we will QUILT!!   

Ethel who has taken care of the guild quilt in previous years realized that it may be difficult  for us to participate this year and brought along this wonderful quilt she made for a grand son and suggested we give panels a try this year. This was an example of what one could do to create beyond the panel.

Marilyn is actually behind this is a block that I mean you provide the fabric and it is exchanged with another member and you get your fabric back with a centre done  and you finish up.....well, this is a wonderful sample of how one can 'finish up'.....
This is also Marilyn' was a fabric exchange with the technique to create our patriotic maple leaf flags. Marilyn got it done this summer in time for Canada day and proudly displayed it outside her home for all to see.
Not a typical jelly roll race but certainly a stunning way to use a jelly roll...especially in those colours.  We had a long hiatus from quilt guild and everyone got a lot done.
This example of a round robin that was organized by Vera and shows some amazing applique and piecing. Vera labelled it with the names of all the participants...a wonderful keepsake.
There were quite a few of us that did this stained glass technique with Brenda Dunsmore in the spring but Ann typically thought outside the box and did a gorgeous burgundy background with a dark sunflower then had it mounted behind glass ...note the large leaf in the corner of the framed quilt...talented lady, that Ann!!
Marlene participated in the block of the month that turned out to be a 'fidget quilt'. Unfortunately, with Covid interrupting our lives everything is put on hold. It will find its home once life gets back to normal.
She also showed us this beauty...a showcase for an amazing fabric. She picked up on all the soft, pastel colours in her showcase fabric. The picture does not do the justice to the absolutely feminine nature of this quilt...
This was a block of the month from a couple of years ago...a really sweet pattern that taught several techniques. It made a perfect quilt for a little girl and probably that was Muriel's intent in finishing hers.  Lucky Grammy...lucky grand child!
I believe this is another project that Muriel finished of her PHD's....projects half-done. Regardless it is wonderful.
Renate rearranged her furniture and realized she needed a co-ordinating throw rug...what a perfect chance to make this with matching fabrics.. great job, Renate....
I couldn't begin to count the number of  1.5 inch finished squares in this beauty nor the hours spent piecing them together...Carolyn thy name is is fabulous!
Judy got another stunner finished over her lockdown time....this one, and Carolyn's will be show stoppers when we can finally have our quilt show....
Ethel, our resident bag lady made some more totes....she is like the EverReady Bunny, she just keeps on going....tirelessly and puts us all to shame with her generosity and kindness.
But she is trying to clean up her ain't gonna happen....don't tell her that fabric just reproduces itself when you aren't looking.  Ah well, nine patches are always in need.
Susan spent a busy summer...while everyone else was using the red truck Christmas panel she appliqued her cookie!
Then she made this Dresden plate...another sweet quilt and of  course, hand quilted.

 She was all geared up for the Villa Madonna this spring when everything went to hell in a hand basket and got cancelled. She made it is one of those quilts one has to pay attention to lay out completely and she did an amazing job.  Atta girl, Susan!!

Well we are off to a start...albeit a different way of life for our guild...only one meeting a month...mostly show and tell to motivate us to keep on keeping on. This , too, shall pass and just think of all the things we can make now that we can't go gallivanting around like we used to.  Cheers, everyone...quilt your little hearts out....and show and tell!