Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Year's End 2013

 We'll start with show and's Vivian's sweet baby quilt. She was working on it at the Villa Madonna and here it is, ahead of a few that haven't finished theirs.....not to mention any names, of course.  This one is for a great grand child....wonderful, Vivian.

 Judy...our gadget girl, found another neat idea.  How to make small 'ficklesticks'....quick and slick.
 Pat brought her baby quilt, all finished and ready to go.
 Martha finished her 'scrap" bag from the evening sessions.
 Sherry's sister..sorry , I'm having trouble with names these days...brought a wonderful quilt for her grand child.
 Jean made her machine mat and brought it for show and tell.
 Isn't this the prettiest quilt...Jean made it with nine patches and effective...such a smart lady!
 AND she made a comfort quilt.  I am so proud to be associated with all these wonderful quilters. They are so very generous.
Carolyn crocheted this beautiful vest and discovered it was a shade too small...choices could always give it to me ...I'm willing to starve myself to fit!
Marlene brought her brown bag challenge back all finished to show us how it matches her dishware.  So glad she likes it and kind of pleased that it looks so good quilted. I wasn't sure when I pieced it. That was a fun project and I hope we do it again next year.
Here's another brown bag challenge belonging to Kay was pieced by Vivian Hayward...the placemats and pot holder were made by Kay to match.  Kudos to both ladies...looking great!
 ReBecca brought in her traditional work to show us...Love this one even though that spot in the centre has yet to be finished...5 years did you say, ReBecca?
 This is another traditional for the Bali gorgeous AND ReBecca made the scrappy in the recommended the colours by value in bags and just pick out from the bag without looking.   See it works!!
This is another one for ReBecca and perhaps going to Victoria's Quilts.  Nice one!
 Love this one...a disappearing nine patch. See that outside border...if you visit ReBecca's new farm house property you will notice that shade in the bathroom...she likes green!
Vera showed us her stars...this one made with 1.5 inch strips.....

and this one is made with  one inch strips. both are gorgeous.
Here's a source of pride!  These ladies together have over 190 years of quilting. Both ladies are in their nineties and still quilting.  Amazing.  Ellen Henderson on the left, Muriel Gilbert (President) and Vivian Patriquin on the right.
 Our banquet venue was, of course, at the Saint John  United Church Hall, where we hold our meetings.  The food was fabulous and well served. They always take good care of us. I hope to see you all in September, in good health and eager to quilt. Cheers!!