Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017

 We've had the summer off and now it's time to get back to what really matters....quilting.  Here's Marilyn's latest project.  She has made a whole bunch of these mittens and given them away already.  What a great idea , not only for gifts in themselves but a way to wrap gifts.....she's a clever one!
 This retreat bag is one of the samples she brought in for the Monday Night ladies ...to see what they will be working on in October...as well as any daytime ladies should they wish to come in the evening.
 Jackie made this quilt for a gift..it is called "Achy-Breaky Heart"...it's got cozy mnke on the back.
 This beautiful quilt belongs to Vivian Patriquen...it is our row by row project for 2016 and it is stunning.
Judy H. went on another retreat and came back with a gorgeous quilt....
 Leigh is testing her sanity with this itty-bitty miniature ...NOT paper pieced!
This sweet quilt was another of her projects over the summer and it went to the cuddle quilt programme.
 This lovely wall hanging  was also something Leigh experimented with and felt the contrast in the ribbon wasn't what she wanted. It was suggested that she get out her crayons and darken it just a tad.  She thought we were crazy!
 This beauty is another of Leigh's summer work.  Sorry can't remember what she called it...regardless it is delightful...the shading is just right.
 Bea got some summer projects done.  Here's a table runner she made with Kansas Troubles fabric......
a musical themed pillow case for a great nephew...
 another flowered pillowcase.....
and another in chintz.
 Cynthis made this quilt for her grand daughter who is into Paris themes...it had a batt and fuzzy minke on the back and it is snuggly!

Jean made this cuddle quilt and brought it in to Joyce.

Marlene made this scrappy and quilted it over the summer months.

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